Turkish companies grappling with KKDIK

Countries bordering with the EU Today look towards Europe as a role model for environmental sustainability, forward-looking industrial policies and strict health and safety regulations for people and planet. Turkey is one of these countries. An indispensable condition for its admission to the b... OKUMAK
Article by Vanessa Alberti, Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant at KAHLBERG Consulting - son güncelleme 08/07/2021

Brexit’s effects on the chemical sector

Anybody not acquainted with Brexit, whether through work of study, is probably unaware of the consequences of this “divorce”. The pandemic has shifted attention towards much more pressing issues, therefore conventional wisdom has it that the British simply wished to reaffirm their independence ... OKUMAK
Article by Michela Kahlberg, CEO KAHLBERG Consulting - son güncelleme 20/05/2021